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Step 1: Select Phone Brand

Benefits of remote unlocking by code:

Anyone can do it ! no hardware or cables required and no need for going anywhere and waiting to get it done !
Unlocking a cellphone using our method has absolutely no negative effects on your phone! We simply remove the sim card restriction from your phone, which enables you to place a sim card from a different provider and operate your phone on any compatible network. With unlocking a phone, you gain the freedom to switch service providers while keeping your current phone, and also you gain the freedom of using your phone in a different country with a local sim card.

Switching providers?

Travelling and want to place another Sim card in your phone?
We provide a fast, cheap and guaranteed fix for that.
Service providers(like Rogers, Telus, Bell, Fido and more) are charging customers 50$ to 75$ to unlock the customer’s phone, and they also have a 30 to 60 day wait period before allowing the customer to purchase the unlock. With Ottawa PC & Mobile unlock services, you do not need to wait, or pay high prices, we can have your phone unlocked the same day for most phones!

We generate 100% working codes that will instantly and permanently free your phone!
No cables or software required. No technical experience needed. Anyone can do this from anywhere in the world.

Canada / USA / UK and International Networks Supported

We have full support for most networks world-wide. We use a combination of network and manufacturer tools to provide you with the fastest service for the lowest cost. If you are not sure if your phone can be unlocked, or to find out the cost for unlocking, you can find out through our website using our unlock lookup tool:

Fast Delivery Via Email & Online Tracking

Your code will be sent to you directly by email.
No waiting in line and no driving to a store. Instead your code will be sent right to your inbox within very few hours after ordering. Most codes are processed within 1-24 max hours unless otherwise specified on the phone page.

Technical Support

Our instructions are broken down in detail and are very easy to follow. We also provide video demonstrations of the unlock procedures for most phones, which show how easy it is for anyone to enter the code easily!
Stuck with the instructions? No problem! Our phone experts are happy to answer your questions and assist you till the work is done

We are 100% confident that you will get the results you want. Take a minute to read some of our customer’s comments in the customer feedback section
Please be advised that this method unlocks your phone so that you are able to insert different carrier sim cards in it.
-You do not have to mail your phone
-Use your unlocked phone on any carrier in the world
-Increase the re-sale value of your phone by up to 50%
-No technical knowledge is neccessary
-Unlock codes do not damage the phone like software does
-Unlock codes will permanently unlock your phone

Please Note:

*You are not purchasing an actual cellphone, this is for the unlock code
*Once you submit the IMEI number, we cant change the order or cancel it since they are immediately submitted to the server for processing
*Please be advised that some phone may require an allowed or a non-allowed sim card to unlock the phone
*Ensure that the phone you unlock is compatible with the network you intend to use it on. Check with your wireless provider for compatibility.

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